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Tropical Fish Diseases – Treating Fin Rot

Like all biological organisms, tropical fish are prone to many diseases like fin rot however there are treatments for most of them. If you notice any of the symptoms shown on any of your tropical fish try and isolate it to another tank immediately to prevent other fish in the tank from getting infected.


Fin Rot/Tail Rot

This disease is caused by;

  • Poor water condition
  • Poor diet
  • Damage to the fins and tails


Even the slightest scratch can lead to fin/tail rot. It is a bacterial or fungal infection that causes the fins/tail to erode inwards characterized by a black/ brown ragged rotting edge of the fin for a bacterial infection and a ragged rotting white edge for a fungal infection. The erosion of the fin/tail may continue until the whole fin/tail has eroded which in most cases leads to the whole body becoming infected after which the fish will die. The affected fin/tail can regenerate completely if treated immediately. The disease can be cured and prevented using a universal anti-bacterial remedy and a universal anti-fungal remedy.

Recognising fin rot
Recognising fin rot

About ten years ago when I used to keep coldwater goldfish and fantails I noticed that one of my biggest goldfish was suffering from finrot, it was a bacterial infection as it’s fins were turning very dark brown. I immediately took the fish out of the main tank using a large net and put it in my breeding tank straight away to prevent the other fish from getting infected. I treated it with a universal antibacterial solution in the breeding tank as well as treating the main tank to kill any bacteria that may have remained in there. After a full week my goldfish’s fins had returned to its healthy orange colour and I left it in there for a further week whilst still treating both tanks.


Prevention is the best way to stop any of these diseases from ever occurring; every 2 weeks I put one capful of Interpets Anifungus and Antifinrot treatment solution in my tanks which helped save all my goldfish when they were suffering from finrot, none of my other fish since have had any problems and I never experienced any finrot or in fact any disease for any of my fishes again. Interpets Anifungus and Antifinrot treatment solution can be purchased here:

Fin Rot

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  1. Thanks so much for this, i had no idea what was happening to my malawi chichlids, bought some of that solution and will give it try, thanks again.

  2. iam farming nile tilapia as soon I transfer them to the cages after a day I noticed eroded tail and fins.can I use antifungals and antifinrot solution and are these solution not harmful to human health

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