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Tropical Fish Diseases – Treating Dropsy

Dropsy is not a disease itself but more of an indicator of a severe internal bacterial infection. The main symptoms of this disease are

      • A bloated abdomen or swollen area of the body
      • Lack of movement
      • Loss of interest in food
      • Scales standing out in the bloated areas


The bloated appearance is caused by a fluid retention in the fish’s kidneys and is often mistaken as pregnancy in females. Dropsy is not highly infectious but it would be best as with all diseased fishes to take a fish affected by it out of the main tank and quarantine it.  Once the fish is in a separate tank it should be treated with antibiotics and also salt to help remove the excess fluid in the fish’s kidneys.



Dropsy Symptoms
Dropsy Symptoms

Since dropsy is caused by a strong internal bacterial infection, it would be best to treat it with antibiotics, we recommend Fish Mox Forte Amoxillin capsules which you can see more information on here.


About 2 teaspoons of Api Aquarium salt should be added per 10 gallons of water in the quarantine tank to draw out the excess fluid from the affected fish’s kidneys, API aquarium salt can be purchased here.


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