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Siamese Fighting Fish (Bettas)

Origin: Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam

Behaviour: Males and females flare or puff out their gill covers (opercula) in order to appear more impressive, either to intimidate other rivals or as an act of courtship. They are quite curious and will watch humans going about their business nearby.

Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta Splendens)

Temperature: 77-86 °F (25-30 °C)

pH: 6.8 – 7.4

Size: 3 inches (7 cm)

Diet: Prefers live foods such as bloodworms. Also eats flakes and frozen and foods.

Breeding: Place one male and one female Siamese fighting fish in a bare bottomed tank of roughly ten gallons with ornaments providing hiding space. The water should be at a pH of about 7.0, and temperature around 80°F or slightly above. The male will blow an elaborate bubble nest when he is ready to spawn. The female should be provided with a hiding place, as males may become aggressive during courtship. The male should be removed within two days after the fry hatch, as they may eat the young once they are free swimming. The fry should be fed a couple of feedings daily of baby brine shrimp or very fine baby food.

Sex: Males typically are more brilliantly colored and have long flowing fins. They also have a more distinct “beard” and are larger overall than the females. Females have short fins and will display vertical stripes and an egg spot when ready to mate.

Did you know?!: In the wild, bettas spar for only a few minutes or so before one fish backs off. Bred specifically for fighting, domesticated betta matches can go on for much longer, with winners determined by a willingness to continue fighting. Once one fish retreats, the match is over. Large amounts of money are wagered during these fights, with potential losses as great as a person’s home.
Betta fish spawning under a bubble trap

A pair of Siamese fighting fish spawning under a bubble nest. The beautiful colouration, and long, fine flowing fins of the Siamese Fighting Fish make it one of the most well known aquarium fish.



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  1. Great overview to such a beautiful fish! They make great pets and have strong personalities, not your average ‘boring’ fish!

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