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The Basics of Marine Fish Keeping (Part 2)


Selecting the Tank Taking into account that marine fish are more sensitive to changes in the water, marine fish keeping requires a larger tank than one would normally need for freshwater fish. This size makes it easier to maintain chemical balance and lessens fish compatibility issues. According to experts, one ...

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The Basics of Marine Fish Keeping (Part 1)


To the enthusiastic nature lover having an aquarium at home is one of the most fun hobbies to keep. There are two main types of fish you can keep: freshwater and marine. Many people are into marine fish keeping these days but most are not aware of the huge responsibility, ...

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A Guide To Moving Your Aquarium To A New House


For aquarium owners, a house move isn’t a fun prospect. You would probably rather avoid even moving down the road, but what about when you have to move across the country? Ok, so it’s not going to be fun, but if you do have to move, you can do so ...

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12 Most Bizarre And Unique Freshwater Fish – Part 2


Oscars A special place has been earned by this particular cichlid in the world of fishkeeping. They can grow to an impressive size, if they are kept in a big enough tank. Their mannerisms are not unlike those of a pup: eating food from their keeper’s hand and responding to ...

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