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Fluval Edge Review 23L – 3 Months In

Fluval Edge Filter Set up

  Fluval Edge Review Enough time has passed for me to be able to write-up a semi-proper Fluval Edge Review. In summary the Fluval Edge 23L great tank if you don’t intend to do much with it, other than a few fish. Very high quality build, as you would expect for ...

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Fluval Edge – Bacterial Bloom and more!


My Fluval Edge has been suffering due to some direct sunlight. The water has turned cloudy and slightly brownl after a water change. I used some of the Nutrafin water safe to remove chlorine etc and the bacterial booster. Within 24 hours though the tank looks brown and cloudy and ...

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Aquarium: How to Clean Sand in a Fish Tank

Fluval Edge 23L

Having sand in my Fluval Edge planted tank has presented me with a new problem where maintenance is concerned. Obviously using the gravel cleaner is a bad idea as it will suck up all the sand. So how to clean sand in a fish tank? I found this handy video ...

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Fluval Edge 23L – Guppy Fry Tank


This tank is taking a long time to cycle. It’s been approximately a month and the ammonia is creeping up. The bio-load isn’t exactly high. It could be that the filter isn’t powerful enough which seems strange as there are only 12 three week old fry in there. Regular water ...

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