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New Betta Addition to Main Tank

Been a while since I updated on the state of my tanks. The Fluval Edge is out of commission out of the moment, the guppy fry that resided there previously are all adults now and I have unfortunately lost a few of them to columnaris and dropsy. It seems I am always too late with treating them with the Interpet treatments I have.

The tank currently boasts 10 guppies (2 males, 8 female), 2 Dwarf Loaches, 2 Neon Tetras and the newest addition a Siamese Fighting Fish AKA Betta Splendens. I was a bit wary about putting him in with guppies and was prepared to set up the Fluval Edge as a plan B, but he’s settled into his new territory fine and seems to have no problems with the guppies.

My new Betta, my tank is a currently a complete mess I know.
New Siamese Fighting Fish
New Siamese Fighting Fish
All my guppies and Tetras act ravenous all the time. This guy is the most relaxed feeder I have had.
Betta Splendens


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