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Nano Fish

I’m Taylor Daughtry, a writer for Aquascape Addiction. We’re joining Aquaec today to talk a bit about Nano Fish in aquariums: specifically nano tanks with live plants!

Planted Nano tanks can be one of the most visually appealing creations for an Aquascaper or aquarium enthusiast. They’re relatively easy to set up and maintain, and have a budget and space that fits most peoples’ needs. Not everyone can afford a large planted tank setup, nor do they have the space. However, nano tanks take up almost no space, and don’t require that much money to maintain.

Since you’re using a smaller tank, you’ll need smaller fish to go with the visual scale of a planted nano tank. It’s healthier for the fish, and looks much better than having large fish in a small tank. Here are some of the most popular nano fish to go with your planted Nano Tank:

Betta Splendens

Betta Splendens

These are iconic fish in the aquarium hobby. They’ve been popular since aquariums have been around, and are commonly featured in nano tanks. Although you’ll see these in some local fish stores in tiny cups, these fish are like any other: they need at least a few gallons to lead a healthy lifestyle. you should never keep these fish in a tank that is smaller than 1.5 gallons.

Planted tanks are perfect for Betta; their natural habitat includes heavily planted areas in rivers & lakes. Filter media for these fish is also important. (For more information about filter media in planted tanks, check out AquascapeAddiction.com).

These fish also don’t get very large, so they’re perfect for nano tanks. Because they aren’t suitable for community tanks, they are well-equipped for life in a small, low-community environment. They don’t produce waste, so they have a very low bio-load, and won’t pollute your tank water. However, males of this species are very aggressive, and should be by themselves unless the tank is large enough for multiple territories; usually at least 10 gallons.

Dario Dario

Dario Dario

These are beautiful, visually appealing fish that are very popular in today’s aquarium hobby. They’re rarely found in fish stores, because aquascapers often aren’t aware of their ideal nature for nano tanks.

These are very shy fish, so nano tanks are the perfect choice. They prefer heavily planted tanks with lots of hiding places, and a low-light situation is ideal to match their natural environment.

Elassoma Zonata

Elassoma Zonata

This is a another beautifully colored nano fish species. They also prefer heavily planted tanks with lots of hiding places, and in addition prefer low flow environments. If you have a strong filtration system on your nano tank, you might consider using a baffle too lower the flow rate of your filter output. These fish aren’t equipped to swim against high currents created from some filters.

Interestingly, these fish are similar to cichlids in their spawning behavior. they often protect their eggs, as well as their young as they mature.

An important note about this species of fish is their very particular food requirements: they almost exclusively prefer live for frozen foods only. An ideal situation for these nano fish would be a steady supply of food available throughout the day for them to scavenge.

Trichopsis Pumila (Sparkling Gourami)

Trichopsis pumila (Sparkling Gourami)

This fish goes by quite a few names, including pygmy, sparkling, or croaking gourami. like most other nano fish, they are small and vibrantly colored, and prefer low flow tanks. using a dark substrate will bring out the vibrant colors in these fish, and heavily planted tanks are preferred.

If you choose to stock these fish, be sure that there’s access to the water surface: strangely, these fish need access to the surface to supplement their air intake with surface air.

By: Taylor Daughtry
I’ve been designing and building Aquascapes for nearly 10 years. I currently run the Aquascaping website AquascapeAddiction, where I talk about easy Aquascaping Techniques & information for beginners to get started with live plants and beautiful tanks.

website: www.AquascapeAddiction.com




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