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Guppy Gestation

Stages of guppy pregnancy:

Guppy gestation is one of the most frequent topic of questions new guppy keepers have even though they are so easy to keep. Not only are guppies unbelievably easily to keep out of all the fresh water fish that are available to buy today but they breed like rabbits… or in this case guppies, some enthusiasts even refer to them as rabbits of the aquarium!

This fish is perfect for anyone that want to start fish keeping as a hobby not only for children but also adults and they are very easy to keep alive and can deal with a few mistakes that beginners may make alone the way. Not only are guppies great for keeping as a first fish but they are a fantastic project for breeding as the guppy gestation period is really relatively short.

Although we have mentioned that the guppy gestation period is short it can vary dramatically from fish to fish. Through extensive research we have found that it can range from a little as 20 days from getting pregnant all the way to 40 days with is a huge difference.

More commonly the average time scale is between 22-26 days from the day of conception, this of which is almost impossible to tell because let’s face it they are tiny and don’t speak! But this research has come from extensive test using virgin female guppies, placing a male into the take for a day and then waiting to see if she gives birth and if so how long it took.

There has been a lot of discussion among guppy keepers and breeders that there are things that can be done to induce labor quicker in your female. No real research as of yet has been done into this but we are looking to start something soon.

Guppy Female
Guppy Female

One thing that I think is safe to say though is a clean fresh tank with minimal stress to the female cannot harm anything and it should be done as standard for any fish that you are keeping no matter if it is during a guppy gestation or not.

So there you have guppy gestation, not that hard to master when you keep a close eye on your guppies and keep then as calm as possible and soon you with have small lively babies in no time at all!

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