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Fluval Edge – Bacterial Bloom and more!

My Fluval Edge has been suffering due to some direct sunlight. The water has turned cloudy and slightly brownl after a water change. I used some of the Nutrafin water safe to remove chlorine etc and the bacterial booster. Within 24 hours though the tank looks brown and cloudy and there are tiny bugs on the glass which I’ve never noticed before now. I haven’t placed any new plants in the tank for a while and the only the water change. This is peculiar and I’m not sure what to do. Various sites around the net say that they are no problem and loaches would eat them though I’m not sure, there seems to be thousands of them and they are very small but visible to the human eye.

Going to keep the curtains closed for a few days and see what happens. Water parameters are fine and there’s negligible ammonia, nitrates and nitrites.


Brown murky cloudy water! Not good.


My Assassin Snail shows himself. He’s been hiding for the past two weeks.

Update: The cloudiness stayed for about a week, then cleared up. The tiny bugs also disappeared. So it turned out not to be anything to worry about. I think it was certainly light related as when I removed direct sunlight thing’s improved.

Fluval Edge – Bacterial Bloom

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