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Fluval Edge and Juwel Korall Updates!

Right so it’s been a few weeks. Been busy busy. I’ve been keeping an eye on my ammonia readings in both tanks. It seems my Korall 60 has stabilised with the two filters running. Not an ideal situation but while I remain overstocked I will just have to run it this way to keep the water condition right for the guppies, tetras, sailfin pleco and two clown loaches!

Separating Guppy males
Separating Guppy males

These guys are a menace. Decided to separate them as they are constantly hassling the females. More than I would say was normal, no need for undue stress and I don’t have space for more fry right now!

Marina hang on breeding box
Marina hang on breeding box

I have this separation box as a “timeout” zone if any of my fish are showing signs of stress.

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