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Fluval Edge: 23L Setup

Beginner Aquarium Setup

So two of my guppy females got pregnant and gave birth to a combined 12 surviving fry. So after seeing the hassle the first batch got in the main tank with just 4 adult fish, I decided to spare this batch that hardship and give them their own tank to grow up in.

So I went out and got a Fluval Edge 23 L from Seapets. I also thought I would turn this tank into a mini planted tank too, so I bought some quality subrate and sand for my beginner aquarium setup.

Great looking compact tank
Great looking compact tank – Fluval Edge

Looks pretty cool planted right!?

How did he get in there!?
How did he get in there!?

Bad cat! Had to give it a good wash out because of his malting.


Substrate. Sand went on top.


The other contents. I have to admit £100 for a 23 litre tank that doesn’t come with a heater may seem relatively expensive. However all the items are very good quality and you certainly get what you pay for.


So I went out and purchased one of these 25watt heaters that regulate the temperature of the tank to 26 degrees Celsius.


Somewhat dusty when filled.

I allowed it to settle down for a few days. I also put some Nutrafin water conditioner and API Cycle booster. As well as dripping my established filter media over the Fluval one. Hopefully this will give this tank a boost.

At time of writing it has been running for 4 days and ammonia was 0.25ppm, nitrite >1 ppm and nitrates 10ppm.

So I have done a 30% water change to make it more habitable for the guppy fry that will soon be… in habituation(?).

If you are interested in purchasing a Fluval Edge 23L yourself, check out the link below, Amazon usually great competitive prices.

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