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Fluval Edge Review 23L – 3 Months In


Fluval Edge 23L
Fluval Edge 23L

Fluval Edge Review

Enough time has passed for me to be able to write-up a semi-proper Fluval Edge Review. In summary the Fluval Edge 23L great tank if you don’t intend to do much with it, other than a few fish. Very high quality build, as you would expect for the price. Looks great, it really is in a league of it’s own in terms of design and quality. It feels sturdy and I have had no problems with it mechanically.

However, as I’m an “enthusiast” I planned on more than just a few fish and leave it be, this was probably my mistake having not done enough research. I wanted to go for a planted tank and at the time I wasn’t wholly aware of what was required. I wanted a nicely aquascaped environment for my fish to live in. For this purpose it perhaps wasn’t the best choice for two main reasons.

Fluval Edge Filter

Fluval Edge Filter Set up
Fluval Edge Filter Set up

The filter is interesting. It gave me the impression it was not very powerful and seemed to struggle to cope with a bioload of a lot of plants and a few fish together. At first I thought I had it under control, but the ammonia levels were constantly rising and rising quickly. But after a while when the bacteria caught up with the bioload, all was well and the filter kept the water clear. The Fluval BioMax and carbon certainly works well. Have a look at the post here on maintanence.

The flow rate on the filter can be a bit strong, as it’s an external filter it pulls water up an tube that drops into the tank (see above) and then the overflow goes back into the tank. Something to consider if you are going to use sand as your substrate is that the filter has two settings for the flow, low and high. With the flow rate on high you’ll find that the water pressure will disturb your plants and substrate directly underneath where it flows back into the tank. I have it set on low all the time to avoid this issue.

The filter requires maintenance just like other filters, which may be why I’ve seen a drop in performance. I will have to investigate this further.

Fluval Edge Lighting

Fluval Edge Light Unit
Fluval Edge Light Unit

The LED lighting that comes standard with the Fluval Edge 23L looks great, lights up the tank perfectly for visual effect. The blue lighting for the night is also nice.

However from an Aquascaping point of view they are not quite good enough if you want to provide plants with optimum light for proper growth. Unfortunately the LEDs provided just don’t output enough nor cover the whole tank. There are people out there who have found ways around this and modified their tanks, however those kinds of mods aren’t really for beginners looking for an out of the box solution to get started with. Though this isn’t a negative as you would be hard pressed to find a tank around this price range with the perfect set up for a planted tank.

I’ve found that the growth of plants in the Fluval Edge tank has been slightly stunted due to the lack of light cover. I am considering making some modifications in the near future when time allows. Fluval do provide upgrades to the LEDs for people who want to aquascape.

For someone looking to keep fish and not do anything major in terms of planting then it is perfect for this purpose. It’s one of the most attractive tanks of it’s size, there’s no doubt about that. You will not be disappointed.


Fluval Edge Pro’s

  • Beautiful and unique design, with great views from the sides and top of the tank
  • Quality build, sturdy feel
  • Quality parts, filter and light unit as great quality and not flimsy like most package tank items
  • Quiet Running, on low setting the filter runs almost silently
  • Choice to two LED light colours, standard white or blue
  • Cover keeps everything looking neat and tidy with the rear compartment keeping cables out of sight
  • Suitable for Marine (saltwater) and freshwater use
  • Plenty of Fluval Edge accessories and decorative ornaments specifically designed for the tank

Fluval Edge Cons

  • Doesn’t come with a heater
  • Lighting can be a bit weak for aquascaping
  • Access point at the top can be a bit awkward when you have to make serious changes
  • The size limits the choice of fish, though this isn’t such a large problem

I will probably get round to doing some modifications soon to try get my plants growing and filling up the interior. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading my Fluval Edge Review If you are interested in purchasing a Fluval Edge 23L or even the 46L yourself, check out the link below, Amazon usually great competitive prices.

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