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New Betta Addition to Main Tank


Been a while since I updated on the state of my tanks. The Fluval Edge is out of commission out of the moment, the guppy fry that resided there previously are all adults now and I have unfortunately lost a few of them to columnaris and dropsy. It seems I ...

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Colorful Facts about the Betta Splendens


Betta fish are small decorative fish that come in bright and exotic colors. They have flowing tails and are quick swimmers, darting through fish tanks in flashes of color.  They can even be put in quirky containers and fishbowls as part of house décor. They are popular with fish enthusiasts ...

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The Basics of Marine Fish Keeping (Part 2)


Selecting the Tank Taking into account that marine fish are more sensitive to changes in the water, marine fish keeping requires a larger tank than one would normally need for freshwater fish. This size makes it easier to maintain chemical balance and lessens fish compatibility issues. According to experts, one ...

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The Basics of Marine Fish Keeping (Part 1)


To the enthusiastic nature lover having an aquarium at home is one of the most fun hobbies to keep. There are two main types of fish you can keep: freshwater and marine. Many people are into marine fish keeping these days but most are not aware of the huge responsibility, ...

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12 Most Bizarre And Unique Freshwater Fish – Part 2


Oscars A special place has been earned by this particular cichlid in the world of fishkeeping. They can grow to an impressive size, if they are kept in a big enough tank. Their mannerisms are not unlike those of a pup: eating food from their keeper’s hand and responding to ...

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12 Most Bizarre and Unique Freshwater Fish – Part 1


Do you remember what got you into fish keeping? Was it the image of those wonderful reef tanks with the colourful Nemo Clownfish? I’m sure it wasn’t the idea of keeping some of the weird and wacky fish pictured above. Most people start off with the usual guppies, tetras and ...

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Top 7 Mistakes New Aquarists Make


Starting in the world of fishkeeping can seem an easy hobby from the outside looking in. Tank? Check. Water? Check. Fish? Check. I had a simplistic view of it too before starting. However once I got into it I realised that to be a really successful aquarist in terms of ...

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The Best Tropical Fish for Beginner Tanks


Tropical Fish For New Tanks If you are looking at setting up a tropical fish tank (take a look at this post) then one of the first things you will have done is look at the different species of fish you could put in it! I know that’s what I ...

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Fish Bio: Goldfish


Goldfish (Carassius auratus auratus) are the most well known pet fish and the most commonly kept pet fish. Goldfish were first bred from Prussian carp (Carassius auratus gibelio) in China and are the closest related species to Carp. The goldfish was first domesticated in East Asia over one thousand years ...

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Fish Bio: Malawi Cichlids

Pseudotropheus Zebra Cichlid

What are Malawi Cichlids? Malawi Cichlids (pronounced ‘Sick’-‘Lids’) are from the Great African Lake of Malawi in South East Africa. The cichlids are from the family Cichlidae and are one of the largest vertebrate families with over 1,600 discovered species.  There are still many species of cichlids undiscovered as new discoveries are being made ...

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