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Tropical Fish Diseases – Treating Dropsy

Dropsy is not a disease itself but more of an indicator of a severe internal bacterial infection. The main symptoms of this disease are   The bloated appearance is caused by a fluid retention in the fish’s kidneys and is often mistaken as pregnancy in females. Dropsy is not highly …

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Tropical Fish Diseases – Columnaris

Columnaris Symptoms

This is a highly infectious disease predominantly affecting live bearing tropical fish amd is caused by the bacteria Flavobacterium columnare. It is mainly caused by extremely poor water conditions and the introduction of new fish into the tank. Columnaris symptoms are: Gray/white patches in a ‘column formation’ either ascending or …

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Tropical Fish Diseases – Treating Fin Rot

Recognising fin rot

Like all biological organisms, tropical fish are prone to many diseases like fin rot however there are treatments for most of them. If you notice any of the symptoms shown on any of your tropical fish try and isolate it to another tank immediately to prevent other fish in the …

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