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Fish Biographies

Fish Bio: Ostracods


Ostracods are one of the ocean-living animals which give off light when they are disturbed. Part of the crustacean family and in existence for over a whopping 500 million years old these creatures range from 1mm-32mm in size and can be found on the upper layer of the sea floor. Where does that ...

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Fish Bio: Nurse Sharks (Ginglymostoma cirratum)

Nurse Shark

Description: Big, sluggish, bottom-dwelling and grey-brown in colour. They have two rounded dorsal fins (on the shark’s back), rounded pectoral fins and an elongated caudal fin. They have very strong jaws, a stout body, and a broad head with obvious barbells sticking out (thin, fleshy, whisker-like organs on the lower ...

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Nano Fish

Trichopsis Pumila (Sparkling Gourami)

I’m Taylor Daughtry, a writer for Aquascape Addiction. We’re joining Aquaec today to talk a bit about Nano Fish in aquariums: specifically nano tanks with live plants! Planted Nano tanks can be one of the most visually appealing creations for an Aquascaper or aquarium enthusiast. They’re relatively easy to set ...

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Fish Bio: Shrimp

Such a poser!

Shrimps or Prawns are fascinating organisms. There are over 130 species of shrimp and they come in a variety of different colours such as white, red, blue, pink, brown, black and yellow.  Most people associate them solely as a food item but they actually make a brilliant pet. I have had ...

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Colorful Facts about the Betta Splendens


Betta fish are small decorative fish that come in bright and exotic colors. They have flowing tails and are quick swimmers, darting through fish tanks in flashes of color.  They can even be put in quirky containers and fishbowls as part of house décor. They are popular with fish enthusiasts ...

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Siamese Fighting Fish (Bettas)

betta splendens

Origin: Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam Behaviour: Males and females flare or puff out their gill covers (opercula) in order to appear more impressive, either to intimidate other rivals or as an act of courtship. They are quite curious and will watch humans going about their business nearby. Temperature: 77-86 °F (25-30 °C) pH: 6.8 – 7.4 Size: 3 inches (7 ...

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German Blue Rams (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi)

German Blue Ram

Profile Origin: Colombia and Venezuela Behaviour: Mostly peaceful and shy, but can become very territorial during the breeding process. Placing the German Blue Ram into a community tank will lessen its shyness because they will see that the it’s “safe” to come out. Temperature: 78-85 °F (26-30 °C) pH: 5.0 – 7.5 Size: 3? (7 cm) Diet: Accepts ...

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Night-Time Cleanup: The Pelcos

Chocolate Zebra Pleco

Fish that fall into the pelcos name are all categorized in the loricariidae family. These fish include but are not limited to the suckermouth catfish, the bristlenose catfish, the sailfin catfish and the Amazon sailfin catfish. Regardless of what breed of pelco you own or plan to buy, the habitats ...

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Fish Bio: Dwarf Gourami

Powder Blue and Cobalt Gourami

  Origin: India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh Behavior: Peaceful, community tropical fish. Temperature: 72–82 °F (22-28 °C) pH: 6.5 – 7.5 Size: 3.5″ (9 cm) Diet: Omnivorous, accepts flakes, vegetation (lettuce, peas, spinach), and freeze-dried or frozen foods. Breeding: Bubble nest builder. Lower water to 6-8 inches, and raise the temperature to 28-30 °C (82 °F). The tank ...

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Fish Bio: Bronze Cory

Bronze Cory

Origin: South America Behavior: Peaceful, community tropical fish. Will hover along the bottom of the tank to search for food scraps. Temperature: 68–82 °F (20-28 °C) pH: 6.0 – 8.0 Size: 3″ (7 cm) Diet: Accepts all types of food including flakes, sinking pellets, frozen and freeze-dried foods. Breeding: Easy to breed. Place a group of 6+ Bronze ...

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