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Fish Bio: Bronze Cory

Bronze Cory
Bronze Cory

Origin: South America

Behavior: Peaceful, community tropical fish. Will hover along the bottom of the tank to search for food scraps.

Temperature: 68–82 °F (20-28 °C)

pH: 6.0 – 8.0

Size: 3″ (7 cm)

Diet: Accepts all types of food including flakes, sinking pellets, frozen and freeze-dried foods.

Breeding: Easy to breed. Place a group of 6+ Bronze Corys in the same tank. This will ensure that both sexes will be present in the group. Lower the pH to around 6.5-6.8, and do a 50% water change. Pour in the new water (de-chlorinated, of course) slowly to simulate the rains found in the Bronze Cory’s natural habitat. Lower the temperature by 3-5°C. This should encourage the Bronze Corys to spawn.

Sex: Females appear larger than males.

Bronze Cory
Bronze Cory
Did you know?!: Bronze Corys are one of the most popular fish in the tropical fish community because of its extreme peacefulness and its habit of constantly hovering the aquarium floor to find food. Bronze Corys must be the most peaceful fish any tropical fish enthusiast can keep. They should be kept in groups of 5+ since they love each other’s company. Owners of Bronze Corys should not be worried if their fish dash up to the top of the tank to grab some air since it’s part of the Bronze Cory’s nature.

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