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Aquascape Fluval Edge Update

The Fluval Edge has been left to bed in for a couple months, while the guppy fry grew. The plan was to just have a few fish in there and try to aquascape it. I bought a few plants and the Fluval 20G CO2 kit and left it to grow out. After some initial issues with ammonia the tank seems to have settled now though I forsee issues soon as the fry are growing and adding more ammonia to the tank. I don’t think the filter will keep up.

Fluval Edge 23L
How it began


This is how the Fluval Edge looks currently.
This is how the Fluval Edge looks currently.

A few of the plants need trimming but in general I’m underwhelmed by the growth in 3 months. I think the LED lighting is not powerful enough, check out my review for more information. So I decided to upgrade the lighting.



Admittedly I didn’t do much research prior to buying these, but I did see some Youtube video’s showing them being used in aquascape tanks so I’m hoping they will do the job. The biggest thing holding back the growth of the plants in my opinion was the lighting.


Fluval advise replacing the carbon and filter media every 3  months so I bought the replacements while at my local fish store. I don’t actually want to replace the filter sponge as this will cause problems with high ammonia until the beneficial bacteria recolonise, so what I’ll probably do is just clean it out. One thing to note when doing this is to not place the sponge under running water, but just gently swirl it around a small bucket of warmish water. This will keep the beneficial bacteria relatively in tact while cleaning out as much debris as possible.

Fluval Biomax replacement
Fluval Biomax replacement
Fluval Carbon replacement
Fluval Carbon replacement

I’ll make another post about setting up the lights and more pictures of changing the filter media and carbon.

These are the items I bought if you are interested.

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