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Juwel Korall 60 Tank Setup

I took some photo’s of when I bought my first tank.

040 (2)

The Jewell Korall 60 with a few ornaments and an interested Burmese cat called Alfredo.

042 (2)

Some gravel. In hindsight I wish I had gotten sand or some black gravel. Maybe I’m just bored of the green after 4 months!

043 (2)

A couple of ornaments! At the time I hadn’t considered going down the planted route, even though I did buy some live plants later on.

045 (2)

Just after the first filling.

I wasn’t aware of how to cycle the tank at first. I was told by my LFS to put some food flakes in every day. The tank was left for a week to settle. In all honesty I don’t know if it cycled or not..

054 (2)

I then bought 4 guppies. 3 females and one male.




One of the females was 3 weeks pregnant when I purchased her. She gave birth soon after to 8 surviving fry who lived in the Java fern in my tank. I got lazy and didn’t really take many pictures at this point.

A mistake I was making for a long time was vacuuming the gravel with every water change (once a week) which I believe disturbs the helpful bacteria.

All 8 fry survived for two months and grew into their colours. I had 4 males and 4 females. Three yellow and silver mosaic males, one pure yellow with a red stripe.

I added 12 neon tetra’s and two clown loaches to the tank during this time, unknowing what a huge bioload they would produce.

I was fighting against ammonia constantly having to do bi-weekly water changes to keep it in check.


My Marine testing kit has seen a lot of use!


New additions!

So 3 months into ownership I still hadn’t got the ammonia to settle. I still thought it was an issue with cycling and my filter not being good enough. So I bought a plec to deal with the algae on my tank walls.

Since then I realised I am overstocked. I currently have 10 guppies, 3 males, 7 females. 8 Neon tetras. Two clown loaches and a plec.

I have also bought a Fluval U2 to try and keep ammonia down. It is only 4 days running so far. Ammonia was at 0.25 ppm today. With Nitrates and Nitrites up. So it seems something’s happening!


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