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12 Most Bizarre And Unique Freshwater Fish – Part 2

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A special place has been earned by this particular cichlid in the world of fishkeeping. They can grow to an impressive size, if they are kept in a big enough tank. Their mannerisms are not unlike those of a pup: eating food from their keeper’s hand and responding to individuals on the other side of the aquarium glass. Many fishkeepers maintain when the individual who feeds them is near the tank that an Oscar can recognise them.


Stingray (top and right) and a Snakehead

Freshwater Rays and Channa Snakeheads

Freshwater rays are exceptional, if only because popular lore is dominated by their saltwater family. The freshwater variety can be fairly substantial in size, demanding fish-keepers with larger than ordinary tanks and special know-how.

Channa (more generally known as snakeheads) are a predatory fish with a unique shape. Some consider an invasive species to them, though they are prized in the aquarium trade. Some were released from aquariums and have shown up in North American streams and lakes. There is concern that they may disrupt the eco-system.

Plecos are always fun to have in a tank due to their colours

The Pleco

These common algae eaters are known for their exceptional, suction-cup-shaped mouth. They will be recommended by aquarium experts to any fishkeeper with an algae problem in their tank. The way they attach themselves to rock and glass never ceases to amaze. My own one is she most of the time then has spurts of energy when he swims around at speed, very interesting to watch.




Freshwater Eel and Freshwater Lionfish

Freshwater eels are another species that appears out of place in a tank. While others, like the freshwater moray, appear to have come direct from the coral reef, some of these species are small and snake – like.
Freshwater lionfish (also called Stonefish) are predatory fish that resemble their saltwater cousins in custom as well as look.  Their unique physical traits are used by them as camouflage, sitting motionless, like a stone, until feeder fish (or misplaced tank – partners) swim close enough to eat.



Ranchu Goldfish

Goldfish have been bred to create uniquely shaped fish for years.  You may find bug-eyed, bubble-cheeked, long finned varieties out there, there are some, like the Ranchu, that are even more unusual.  This particular breed is prized, though it seems to be lacking…a face (its eyes and mouth are obscured by the tissue that surrounds its head).

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