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12 Most Bizarre and Unique Freshwater Fish – Part 1

There are some crazy look fish out there! How would you like some of these in your tank though?
There are some crazy look fish out there! How would you like some of these in your tank though?

Do you remember what got you into fish keeping? Was it the image of those wonderful reef tanks with the colourful Nemo Clownfish? I’m sure it wasn’t the idea of keeping some of the weird and wacky fish pictured above. Most people start off with the usual guppies, tetras and goldfish. It’s completely normal for budding fish keeping to dip their toes in the water with a new hobby, but once you’re skills have improved what then?

This is where it get’s interesting and the hobby get’s more difficult. Some people move onto marine fish to get those beautifully coloured species while others go a less trodden path. Having a tank with most of the fish pictured in this thread would certainly give you a conversation starter with any visitors who look at your tank.


Quite the Price Tag

The worlds most expensive fish?
The worlds most expensive fish? Snow or Platinum Arowana.

The Silver Arowana (Osteoglossum bicirrhosum), sometimes known as the Arawana, has quite the reputation in the exotic fishkeeping circles. Due to it’s large scales, unique slender body and fins it definitely stands out. The Silver Arowana is found in Amazon River basin and in the Rupununi and Oyapock Rivers in South America as well as in still some still waters in Guyana.

Arowana are sometimes called Dragon Fish by aquarists because their shiny armor-like scales and double barbels are reminiscent of descriptions of dragons in Asian folklore.
Silver Arowana
Silver Arowana

A slight mutation reducing pigmentation causes some fish to have a glowing white appearance.  The price tag for this fish was said to run into the tens of thousands.


Ghost Shrimp

If you’ve kept larger fish you will be familiar with these freshwater shrimps, as you’ve probably used them as food! Well in recent times they have become popular for people making nano-aquariums as they are easy to care for and breed. Their appearance is unique and they make a pleasant addition to a nano tank.

Food or a pet in their own right?
Fish Food or a pet in their own right?


Lungfish and Gars

Lungfish are thought to be related to early amphibian species.  Unlike most fish, they actually have lungs, allowing them to breath air.  These fish are hardy, if not the most easy on the eye.  They can survive in tanks with little or no aeration.

Gars do not have lungs, but have an incredibly thin, long body shape.  They are more difficult to keep than lungfish, but their quick movements and unique predatory behaviors make them attractive to more experienced hobbyists.

Certainly a strange and unique species!
Certainly a strange and unique species!



A popular if not so common fish among hobbyists. You should be able to find some species of cichlids at your local fish store. While others like Tilapia you could well find at your grocery store! Cichlids are known for their impressive range of colours and sleek shapes, more common among Marine (saltwater) fish. Have a look at the Cichlid page for more information on these impressive fish.





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