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New Betta Addition to Main Tank


Been a while since I updated on the state of my tanks. The Fluval Edge is out of commission out of the moment, the guppy fry that resided there previously are all adults now and I have unfortunately lost a few of them to columnaris and dropsy. It seems I ... Read More »

10 Mythical Sea Monsters


The ocean is still a vast and mysterious frontier. Over the centuries, the imaginations of men have run wild with tales of fantastic and, often, terrifying creatures that dominate the seas. From Biblical stories to sailors’ tales to real-life, camera-captured creatures, this is the list of the most famous fantastical ... Read More »

Biggest Fish in The World

Great snap of a Pirarucu

The whale shark is the largest fish in the world. This is a bit confusing because it is a fish, not a mammal, which the whale is. This list enumerates other large fish that exclude the shark, which would otherwise dominate it.   1. The Ocean Sunfish The Ocean Sunfish ... Read More »

The Basics of Marine Fish Keeping (Part 2)


Selecting the Tank Taking into account that marine fish are more sensitive to changes in the water, marine fish keeping requires a larger tank than one would normally need for freshwater fish. This size makes it easier to maintain chemical balance and lessens fish compatibility issues. According to experts, one ... Read More »